Monday, 1 June 2009

Summer Season

Garden Space 1

My garden space is now becoming my little nest, with collected wood that I have gathered from fallen trees and collected stones to build around my fire pit. I have gathered wood and stacked against my fence to cover gaping gaps and to stop outsiders from peering in. I have managed to collect various small shrubs and flowers which I have been busy planting in the beds near the fence. My aim is that this will create a cluttered and visually intriguing feel to the garden space. After having nothing at all in the garden I am now filling it with an abundance of new plant life. With ferns sprouting in plant pots I am able to move them around the garden. I have removed three slabs to make room for more plants and continue to create additional features using reclaimed and recycled items- chairs that someone had thrown out into the street, a metal bed base and an old metal tool box. Convolvulus is pruned regularly as it is fast growing and would overtake the whole garden. Although most people would remove it entirely I like its foliage and the screen cover it gives so I am happy to take the time to prune it and keep it under control. I like the idea of dens and nests- a camouflaged shelter enclosed by foliage. In both gardens I am hoping to achieve this effect in both gardens and it will be interesting to see how the different resources in each space will affect the end result.