Sunday, 30 August 2009

Rhubarb Radio

On Sunday 23rd I was on Rhubarb radio at MAGPI BROWN’S TREASURE NEST to further talk about the garden project.
Selections of my music compositions as well as Felix Jackson’s were played highlighting the avant gardeners soundtracks.
As this garden exploration continues art minds think alike working in collaboration transforming walls and spaces into decorative environments.
As mentioned the philosophy for this space had been split up into three areas first one being House and home, the second Global spirit and the third Conscience Number 9. Through this space the aim is to explore our outdoor environments coming away from home comforts reaching out to community spaces and working together in teams. A more in-depth description will be explained thoroughly at Gardens weekend form the 5th-6th so head down for a discussion.

With the garden space looking almost complete my father came to join and participate with the project. There had been a few obstacles in the way as a hand injury accrued after crashing off my bike whilst making a sudden turn... (How silly of me) so work had to be delegated and instructed.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Project Progress

Now that the funding has been secured,

the Garden

Project is now is progress!
With new volunteers, Sally Sherlock, Faye Binnell, Tim Skinner has agreed to participate and help out.
Faye Binnell is currently studying at B.C.U, Visual arts and Tim Skinner freelance artist specializing in abstract lettering painting. Tim has an interior modern geometrical style working solo on commission freelance work who has been involved in graffiti art since the early 80's.

Creative designs amongst us are being discussed and a wall art feature is being painted which eventually will compliment the garden space when finished.
Plants and various materials are yet to be brought, however we have acquired some recycled items which we plan to utilize within the garden space.
The publicity and advertisements are being planned out.

Stay tuned as there will be more updates.
The final show will be commencing on the 5th and 6th of September.

Monday, 17 August 2009



Away from the Garden Project the Avant gardeners have stumbled upon a plot of land filled with some very interesting found objects.
a garden measuring 30 ft long filled with pots, buckets, pipes, door frames, wood and a tent material. A homemade green house has been built. Four bedding areas exist in the garden growing very little vegetables but over grown weeds and maintenance has been neglected. There's a Japanese wine berry bush and a water feature that is yet to be built.
Working together myself and Tessa Burwood plan to focused on the garden. We began work at the end garden gathering tools that where fit to use. We cleared debris raking old leaves into green waste bags picking up rubbish and placing into black bags. Large sticks and stones where gathered in a pile and before sunset a fire was made while we gathered round and ate. Tessa Burwood and brother Dan have lived in their home for some time and have implemented there garden space by finding abandoned items left in the street.
There are so many little clusters of things that just need moving. Over the next two months we plan to focus on these clusters and straighten out the garden making it recycle friendly and presentable.
We hope you enjoy this upbeat sound track.

Music produced by Martin Felix Jackson