Tuesday, 8 September 2009


The garden project display has finally been completed after displaying for gardens weekend which was on the 5th and 6th of September.

So much has happened and allot of changes had been made.

Managing this project became quite difficult after plans had been changed due to the first existing space that we were given to us had, to be altered. There was no existing plan for this second space due to time was running out so everything was put together daily by using existing materials that were lying around. We utilized what already existed within the space such as purple slate, stones and various few plants. Due to the change of space we were now working with a smaller scale section. The original theme wasn't expressed as clearly so the wall became the focal point being The Avant Gardeners visual experience. Firstly the wall needed to be painted to prevent damage done to plants.

The wall feature was an abstract architectural painting of a house to incorporate the transformation of the house environment to the garden. On the back wall features a wall paper interior feel which was painted by Tim. The colours were a worm feel making this area a comfortable lounge section. I really enjoyed Tims involvement as this wall gives a birds eye landscape look. Wooden railway sleepers were able to get cut into size to create a decking feature, stones that were in the square cubes were taken out and placed on the ground to give more texture to the space. Slate was washed and put back into place leaving room for the side beds to be planted. Choosing plants were difficult as they had to be considered for colour harmonization and all round growth. Due to the deadline for gardens weekend, we all became quite stressful and anxious towards the end of the project but I believe that the timing was right on getting the space completed.


Another example of where i see change could be improved is a local park near where I live. A small youth community project has been put together by Chantel and friends who are willing to get young people motivated using creative arts. The name of this is called INFLUENCE. This is situated in the metal Hub off Selcroft Avenue based in Quinton. This project is the umbrella organisation of Welsh House Farm Youth Project.
I was concerned about this pod looking building as there had been graffiti art painted on already and i didn't know what this metal hub was used for. The hub was vandalized over time with tags and it needed a new makeover. Luckily I had been asked to paint the hub by a friend who lives locally and we are now in the process of decorating this hub. More local artists will get involved so please stay tuned to see the finished look.
Discussions are being made to work with related organisations to improve the existing surroundings.
For more information please contact liftyouthproject@gmail.com