Friday, 13 March 2009



Original Photographs taken by Michelle Byrne

Digitally re-mastered by Leon Sparkes

Robin Hood Bay, North Yorkshire

Landscape 2.The Sea thought sail

As man stands

Looks across an ocean sea

To see the distance that he may travel

Our land

To Inherit and sow seed

To live and work with nature

As a graffiti artist there are no rules.

No barriers and limitations.

Our city street landscapes are our canvas.

If we are to make markings and deface walls with image art,

Then, our streets become a gallery.

I had been asked to add my creative approach to photographs that had been taken by

Michelle Byrne

To merge graffiti markings on to natural landscape features.

My approach to these collections is to make a stand and question our environment, to set sail to new horizons to bury graffiti and take on new approaches by using natural and other forms of media.

The Avant gardeners approach is simply this, to decorate the land and to make creative changes to how we live and use our surroundings.

Leon Sparkes

Rachael Hawkins



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