Monday, 13 July 2009

Project Garden Space

With funding nearly secured the project garden space hit upon several problems earlier on in the month. Firstly the actual space that we had spent so much time clearing was earmarked for the council to use for their ‘silver guilt medal’ award winning design in the urban garden category at the Chelsea flower show. They will be showcasing this garden at the gardeners weekend show in September. The group involved in our design were all very disappointed, however after talks with the park staff and college tutors we have now managed to secure another area we can develop. This caused a few problems with the designs as the new area is totally

different. As well as this one student has now decided he no longer wants to be part of the project and another is away on holiday and cannot be contacted to sign forms that the Princes Trust need to release the funds to the project. So, it has all been rather stressful and the future of the project is now in question. We have written an email to the awards manager to explain the situation and are hoping that the enthusiasm and dedication of the other members of the group will shine through and that the Princes Trust will still fund us. During this time we have also been discussing how the art that we are interested in showcasing and our other ideas can be best promoted and shown to members of the public. Talks have begun with local galleries and we are looking into other gallery spaces. A huge part of the design project is arts based with a portfolio of works collated over a period of nearly 12 months now. We are trying to use this body of work to complement the garden design in the park. Leon will contact the arts council and also ‘Edgbaston one’ to see how best to do this. So, we are waiting to hear back from the Princes Trust and

will post an update as soon as possible.

The Original space was split into three sections with the themes. 1.House Home Garden 2.Global Spirit 3.Concious Number 9

With a new and smaller area it became difficult to include these subjects into our new space.

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