Monday, 24 May 2010


Since the garden project, work has been carried out in small local gardens where general garden maintenance has been carried out enhancing natural features.

Activities include planting of herbs vegetables and flowers, dead heading and small structural designs have been made using materials such as bricks stones, twigs and found objects.

Plans have been made further whilst been given the chance to work on a Comic Landscape Project.

Using comics as inspiration, technical drawings, discussions and photographs have been for regenerating the North of Solihull. This is exciting and innovative approach to tackle issues that rise in anti social behavior.

Sunshine Weather

Happy hills for villagers and passers to soak up our distinct landscapes in the sun.

Birmingham - Nottingham - Sheffield - Manchester - South Port, West midlands - Cots Wolds, Winchcombe , Kidderminster, and the Clent Hills.

Just a brief few travels to mention which has been explored.

On discussions, I have found how shape, colour, material, design effects peoples minds and well being .

further more works visit:

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