Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Lots of watering is needed these coming months as the soil seems dusty and dry. I have chopped the grass and shaped the edges of the lawn. I have also begun weaving more willow branches into the shelter roof which I hope will become secure when I add more wood. This is great as the idea is to make the space sheltered and a secret den. The idea is to create an outdoor studio space where eating, internet surfing and working can be enjoyed outdoors. Seating areas are something we have considered as we have used some tree trunks as seats and a rockery bench.We have repositioned some tree trunks and have now taken out another concrete slab and dug down to act as a floor seat. The BBQ area has now been moved to the other section of the garden and repositioned so that the area can be used as a lounge/sun trap. Various plants have been halved and repositioned. Some strawberry plants were sprouting through the concrete slabs so I have moved them as they would have been trodden on. Strangely, we have only seen a few bumble bees pollinating which is worrying. We managed to get some wild flower seeds to encourage more bees so they are now in the ground.We are thrilled to have created an outdoor working space which now has a desk and two stools.This is proving really positive as we are able to sit in the sun, breathe fresh air, draw, discuss and work. We need to varnish the table though to weatherproof it.

In addition to this I am beginning to construct 9 stickmen from wooden pieces that I salvaged.These will act as garden ornaments and tie in to the visual narrative of ‘Stickman’, currently being developed. These are going to be painted and used as a feature in the garden or The Podspace. We have even begun to create a flag.

Investing in a digital SLR camera we have been able to take some great shots of plants and flowers in a relative’s garden in Southport. Here are some of the shots.

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