Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Winter 2010

During these cold, dark months we have had large amounts of snow and ‘The Big Freeze’ has affected my garden and other green spaces.Although the water will have been good for the soil, there is no telling how it has affected the plants and shrubs. A lot of preparation is needed for the New Year such as ideas to build

structures out of brick and wood. These will need to be gathered, stored and utilised in the coming months. During this time of the month is a planning stage where I mostly discuss, draw and contemplate ideas for gardening months ahead.I have been given the keys for The Pod space and am hoping to use the space productively.

The Avant Gardeners looked into a local school called Welsh House Farm School where a small patch of land could be worked with to create a sensory garden for children to use and learn from.The school has great garden areas as there are playground features, a seating area, a vegetable patch and garden ornaments.

Another location is in Selly Oak Park which we feel needs improvements. It used to be a graffiti park but this idea has been stopped as the space was obliterated with tags. We are going to look into this to see what could be done to enhance the space. It is a prime location which connects the canal, the railway and the retail park. There is a lot of abandoned space around the park and we want to contact the council to introduce innovative, communal design.

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